Parti-Gyle like it’s 1699

I’ve been slowly stealing and otherwise nefariously acquiring the equipment to do full boil all grain batches. The local sporty sports sporting team is going to miss their 10 gallon Gatorade cooler and now my mashing capacity far exceeds my boiling ability (note that any reference to illegal acts contained herein are solely employed for the humorous reinforcement of purest evil and, along with lots of other content, are filthy lies).

My solution to the lack of a proper kettle for my last two brews has not been to mash less but to to parti (gyle) down and boil first runnings in a smaller pot and do a smaller beer in my 19 liter vessel. The first attempt turned out pretty well with the smaller beer turning out as a sessionable India Black Ale or a Cascadian Dark Session Ale or a Mini-Black IPA or Satan’s Diluted Ball Sweat or whatever you most like to call it. The majority of the first runnings were lightly hopped with some Norther Brewer then forced into an unholy union with some apple juice. Sipping the resulting Black Graf takes me directly into the fantasy world of Stephen King where a giant lobster bites off most of my hand because that’s how shit goes down in Steve’s head.

All told, parti-gyle numero uno went fairly well so I thought I’d rinse and repeat, this time with a variation on a recipe popular Down Under formulated by somebody who chose to adopt the moniker Dr. Smurto. I don’t know what Smurto is a doctor of, but I’m imagining him in a laboratory hunched over a kettle lined with a mesh bag wearing a hat with corks dangling off the brim. Because of my mash tun, I don’t have to employ Aussie style BIAB. I increased the overall grain quantity and bumped up the percentage of wheat a bit.

All was relatively fine until I was forced to stop pretending the refractometer was a light saber and took some pre-boil readings that showed my small beer only sugared in at 1.030. I either screwed up on the volumes or my efficiency was crap. I decided to mix the two after the boil and ended up with 19 litres of wort at 1.050 plus 3 extra liters from the first runnings boil that I combined with the remainder of apple juice I had on hand. I wasn’t planning on making more Graf and surprise Smurto juice is not typically what I would imagine as a good thing but we’ll see how it turns out. I pitched Wyeast 1098 British Ale which went crazy in the small Smurto and necessitated a blow-off tube. I need to dial in a reasonable method with the mash tun so I think the parti-ing is concluded for the time being until I figure out what I’m doing.

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