Drinking to the Tune of Doom

You’ve finished listening to Led Zeppelin 1, 2 and 3 and are wondering what you should pour down your ear esophaguses next while attending to beer related (or fuelled) business. How about something with some vikings on the cover? You can’t go wrong with vikings. Bass solo? Yes, please.

Dust deliver some solid proto-metal. If you follow the trajectory established by them and others (eg. Sabbath) you’ll soon arrive at the ominous precipice of Doom Metal. My favourite Doom Metal experience was when Calgary flooded during Sled Island last year. I wasn’t planning on ushering in that disaster through the fuzz of the apocalypse but I sought refuge from the deluge at the closest venue and there they were ready to soundtrack that bitch, Witchstone:

Doom Metal is best paired with something Imperial. Big beer for big riffs. How about a Megadestroyer?

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